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  1. Crystal Planecontrolled Selectivity of Cu2O Catalysts in Propylene Oxidation with 
    Molecular Oxygen Q. Hua, T. Cao, X. K. Gu, J. Q. Lu, Z. Q. Jiang, X. R. Pan, L. F. Luo, 
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  1. Stability of polar ZnO surfaces studied by pair potential method and local energy density method
    K. J. Sun, H. Y. Su, W. X. Li
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  2. A first-principles study of C=O bond scission in multi-atomic molecules on flat and stepped metal surfaces
    Y. H. Zhao, J. X. Liu, H. Y. Su, K. J. Sun, and W. X. Li
    ChemCatChem, accepted March 12, 2014

  3. CO and NO-Induced Disintegration and Redispersion of Three-Way Catalysts Rhodium, Palladium and Platinum: an Ab Initio Thermodynamics Study
    Goldsmith, Bryan; Sanderson, Evan; Ouyang, Runhai; Li, Wei-Xue
    J. Phys. Chem. C, (accepted April 16, 2014)


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    R. H. Ouyang, J. X. Liu, W. X. Li,
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. 135 (2013) 1760-1771(pdf

  2. Crystallographic Dependence of CO Activation on Cobalt Catalysts: HCP versus FCC
    J. X. Liu, H. Y. Su, D. P. Sun, B. Y. Zhang, W. X. Li,
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  3. Platinum-modulated Cobalt NanoCatalysts for Low Temperature Aqueous Phase Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis,
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  4. Mechanistic Studies of Water Electrolysis and Hydrogen Electro-Oxidation on High Temperature Ceria-Based Solid Oxide Electrochemical Cells,
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  5. Growth of Single- and Bi-layer ZnO on Au(111) and Interaction with Copper,
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  6. Structure sensitivity of CO methanation on Co (0001), (1012) and (1120) surfaces: Density Functional Theory calculations,
    J. X. Liu, H Y. Su, W. X. Li
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  7. A First-Principles Study of Structural, Electronic Properties and Oxygen Binding of FeO/Pt(111) and FeO2/Pt(111),
    D. P. Sun, W. X. Li,
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  8. Ab initio atomistic thermodynamics study of Pt3Ni(111) surface under oxygen environments,
    D. P. Sun, Y. H. Zhao, H. Y. Su, W. X. Li
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  9. First-Principles Study of Water Activation on Cu-ZnO Catalysts,
    K. Yao, S. S. Wang, X. K. Gu, H. Y. Su, W. X. Li
    Chin. J. Catal. 34 (2013) 1705-1711 (pdf)

  10. CO induced change of adsorption site and charge of Au adatom on FeO(111)/Ru(0001)
    R. H Ouyang, W. X. Li
    Chin. J. Catal. 34 (2013) 1820-1825 (pdf)



  1. Density functional theory study of ethylene hydroformylation on Rh(111) and RhCu(111) surface
    X. F. Ma, Y. H. Zhao, H. Y. Su, W. X. Li,
    Chin. J. Catal. 33, 1706-1711 (2012) (pdf)

  2. Effect of Pd Doping on Water Dissociation on ZnO(11-20) Surface
    X. K. Gu, W. C. Ding, C. Q. Huang, W. X. Li
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  3. In- and Out-Dependent Interactions of Iron with Carbon Nanotubes
    L. Yu, W. X. Li, X. L. Pan, X. H. Bao
    J. Phys. Chem. C 116, 16461-16466 (2012) (pdf)

  4. Theoretical Study of the Role of a Metal–Cation Ensemble at the Oxide–Metal Boundary on CO Oxidation
    D. P. Sun, X. K. Gu, R. H. Ouyang, H. Y. Su, Q. Fu, X. H. Bao, W. X. Li
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  5. Progress in studies of graphene growth mechanism on transition-metal surfaces (in Chinese,Invited Review Article)
    X. F. Ma, K. J. Sun and W. X. Li
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  6. Kinetic study of acid-catalyzed cellulose hydrolysis in 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride
    Z. H. Zhang, W. Q. Wang, X. Y. Liu, W. X. Li, H. B. Xie, and Z. B. Zhao
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  7. CO oxidation at the perimeters of an FeO/Pt(111) interface and how water promotes the activity: A first-principles study
    X. K. Gu, R. H. Ouyang, D. P. Sun, H. Y. Su, and W. X. Li
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  8. Structural and electronic properties of cobalt carbide Co2C and its surface stability: Density functional theory study
    Y. H. Zhao, H. Y. Su, K. J. Sun, J. X. Liu, and W. X. Li
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  9. Force Reversed Method for Locating Transition States
    K. J. Sun, Y. H. Zhao,
    H. Y. Su, W. X. Li
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  1. Rh Decorated Cu Alloy Catalyst for Improved C2 Oxygenates Formation from Syngas
    Y. H. Zhao, M. M. Yang, D. P. Sun, H. Y. Su, K. J. Sun, X. F. Ma, X. H. Bao, W. X. Li
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  2. First-principles study of the adsorption of Au atom, Au2 and Au4 clusters on FeO/Pt(111)
    R. H. Ouyang, W. X. Li
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  3. In-situ Oxidation Study of Pt(110) and its Interaction with CO
    D. R. Butcher, M. E. Grass, Z. H. Zeng, F. Aksoy, H. Bluhm, W. X. Li, B. S. Mun, G. A. Somorjai, Z. Liu
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  4. Carbon Chain Growth via Formyl Insertion on Rh and Co Catalysts in Syngas Conversion
    Y. H. Zhao, K. J. Sun, X. F. Ma, J. X. Liu, D. P. Sun, H. Y. Su, W. X. Li
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  5. Towards N-doped graphene via solvothermal synthesis
    D. H. Deng, X. L. Pan, Y. Cui, L. Yu, J. Qi, W.X. Li, Q. Fu, G. Q. Sun, X. H. Bao
    Chem. Mater. 23(5), 1188-1193 (2011) (pdf)

  6. Theoretical insight into the electronic, optical and photocatalytic properties of photocatalysts InMO4 (M = V, Nb, Ta)
    G. L. Li, and Z. Yin.
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 13, 2824-2833 (2011) (pdf)

  7. Size-selective carbon nano-clusters as precursors to the growth of epitaxial graphene
    B. Wang, X. F. Ma,
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    Nano Lett. 11(2), 424-430 (2011) (pdf)

  8. Structure evolution of Pt-3d transition metal alloys under reductive and oxidizing conditions and effect on the CO oxidation: a first-principles study
    H. Y. Su, X. K. Gu, X. F. Ma, Y. H. Zhao, X. H. Bao,
    W.X. Li
    Catalysis Today 165, 89-95 (2011)  (pdf)

  9. Carbon Monoxide Adsorption and Dissociation on Mn decorated Rh(111) and Rh(553) Surfaces: A first-principles study
    X. F. Ma, H. Y. Su, W. X. Li
    Catal. Today 160, 228-233 (2011) (pdf)

  10. Crystal Facet Dependence of Water Oxidation on BiVO4 Sheets under Visible Light Irradiation
     D. Wang, H. Jiang, X. Zong, Q. Xu, Y. Ma, G. L. Li, C. Li
    Chem. Eur. J., 17, 1275-1282 (2011) (pdf)



  1. Controllable Synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks: From MOF Nanorods to Oriented MOF Membranes
    Y. S. Li, H. Bux, A. Feldoff, G. L. Li, W. S. Yang, J. Caro,
    Adv. Mater.
    22, 3322-3326 (2010) (pdf)

  2. Model Relation between the Energy-Band Edge and the Fermi Level of the Non-Degenerate Semiconductor TiO2: Application to Electrochemistry
    G. L. Li,
    W.X. Li and C. Li,
    Phys. Rev. B 82, 235109 (2010) (pdf)

  3. First-Principles Study on the Origin of the Different Selectivities for Methanol Steam Reforming on Cu(111) and Pd(111)
    X. K. Gu and W.X. Li,
    J. Phys. Chem. C. 114, 21539-21547 (2010) (

  4. Interface confined ferrous centers for catalytic oxidation
    Q. Fu+, W. X. Li+, Y. X. Yao, H. Y. Liu, H. Y. Su, D. Ma, X. K. Gu, L. M. Chen, Z. Wang, H. Zhang, B. Wang, X. H. Bao**
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  5. A First Principles Study of Hydrogen Absorption on Mg(0001) and Formation of Magnesium Hydride
    T. Jiang, L. X. Sun and W. X. Li,
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  6. Theory of Nitride Oxide Adsorption on Transition Metal (111) Surfaces: A First-Principles Investigation
    Z. H. Zeng, J. L. F. Da Silva, W. X. Li,
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  7. First-principles calculation of core-level binding energy shift in surface chemical processes
    Z. H. Zeng, X. F. Ma, W. C. Ding and
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  8. Density functional theory and ab initio molecular dynamics study of NO adsorption on Pd(111) surface
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